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Dinah's Kitchen

Now serving at 4130 Sepulveda Boulevard.


Dinah's Kitchen has been a beloved fixture in Los Angeles since its establishment 65 years ago. With its iconic Googie architecture and a menu filled with classic diner favorites, Dinah's has become a cherished destination for locals and visitors alike.

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Since 1959, we've been known for our classic, original recipe fried chicken, apple pancakes, indulgent breakfast spreads, and more.

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"My little brother and I have been fighting over what to order here for decades. The breakfast menu is endless: chicken and waffles, chocolate waffles, even a bacon-and-cheese waffle. But in the end, I win out, insisting that we order our family staple: the apple pancake that’s more like eating a giant apple pie for breakfast."

"Hanging on a wall in my home is a picture of my Mom and I, each with a big apple pancake in front of us. Dinah's has always been a special place for us and will continue to be."

"So many big life moments I've decided sitting at your restaurant talking about life with a good coffee and an omelette. And so many good times with friends."

"We can't fly into Los Angeles and not go here. My kids absolutely love it. I don't eat chicken, but my kids say it's the best chicken and wings they've ever had. I love their club sandwich."

"This is a good place to take a trip to 1959 and enjoy real good food. Very flavorful and quick service. They treat you like family when you arrive. We tried their chicken and waffles, and OMG! Talk about flavor! Very family friendly and spacious seating."

"As a kid in the late 70's early 80's, my parents would take me to get the Dutch Baby pancakes or the all you can eat chicken with the creamed spinach and bacon. Can we talk about the creamed spinach? It's something that I can't imagine a world without. As a kid, I didn't really pay attention to the service, but since I take my mother now, the service is just perfect. They remember us, or at least act like they do, whenever we enter. It really makes me feel, once again, like home."

"Dinah's is in my top three favorite diners in all of Los Angeles. The menu is very large and it has a lot of great options. We started with a cinnamon roll and it was gooey and sweet and wonderful. It's huge and covered in frosting and we really enjoyed it. We ended up ordering the German Pancake, or as it is also known: The Dutch Baby. It was honestly really great, and was better than a lot of the other versions I've had of it."