Established in Los Angeles in 1959, Dinah's Family Restaurant quickly became a beloved neighborhood fixture and a cherished cornerstone of the community. In 2024, due to city development, the restaurant transitioned to Dinah's Kitchen and moved a few blocks down to preserve its legacy.

Still run by its founding family, Dinah's Kitchen is a passionate culinary representation of classic Americana diners with a warm and inviting space where families gather over delicious meals.

Famous for their Fried Chicken and Oven Baked Pancakes, Dinah's journey began with humble origins. Armed with cherished family recipes passed down through generations, the family's love for cooking naturally blossomed into a thriving business and L.A staple. With dedication, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to quality, they cultivated a menu that reflects their heritage while also embracing the diverse tastes of their patrons.

Over the years, Dinah's evolved into more than just a place to dine: it became a cherished gathering spot where locals and visitors alike could forge lasting memories over hearty meals, heartfelt conversations, and Dinah's World Famous Fried Chicken. From milestone celebrations to casual Sunday brunches, Dinah's has become synonymous with hospitality, warmth, and culinary excellence.

Today, Dinah's commitment to the community remains unwavering. Dinah's believes in giving back and supporting local initiatives, such as sponsoring little league teams and hosting charity events. Dinah's love for community extends beyond the walls of the restaurant, touching the lives of countless individuals and families throughout the area.

Dinah's Kitchen stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Dinah's Family Restaurant. Despite development hardships, permanently closing Dinah's Family Restaurant was not an option the Dinah's family was willing to imagine. Instead, they launched Dinah's Kitchen at its brand new location just down the street, located in the Culver Crossroads (corner of Sepulveda and Washington).

As always, with each visit, guests are welcomed not only as customers, but as members of the extended Dinah's family, continuing a tradition of hospitality and culinary excellence that spans generations!


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Dinah's Kitchen is a hidden gem in Los Angeles!

John Doe

Food Critic, LA Times

The fried chicken at Dinah's Kitchen is out of this world!

Jane Smith

Actor, Hollywood

I've been coming to Dinah's Kitchen since I was a kid, and it never disappoints!

Mark Johnson

CEO, Johnson Enterprises